As artists and professionals in various fields, we understand that the expression and product of art stems from the openness to explore, collaborate and to be free. Ideenhaus translates to a phrase meaning 'Idea House', and we truly believe that the work of art is a scream of freedom. Ideenhaus is an open studio that provides the fundamental structure and tools, while helping prospective students to grow, explore and create. 

Our team is consist of expertise in diverse areas of art and design, and we provide a new process and perspective for prospective youth and pre-college applicants. We understand that it's more than just guidance and pointing in one direction. We set ourselves as a prism with its multi-facets - providing endless possibilities. 



Pre-college programs for art and design offer strategically designed curriculums and trainings that mirror the academic environment of the most current and sought-after colleges and institutions to help prepare the students to secure their future in higher learning platforms. From portfolio building to exhibition and product showcase experiences, there are a lot of prerequisites and information that is often unavailable for many prospective students. Our curriculum is a robust method of teaching that is truly derived from the best program experiences that allows for the growth and preparation needed to take the next step towards your career. 



Our experience and knowledge in the industry helps to provide personal, yet professional guidance for all aspects of art education. Our team members dealt with major industry names and high profile clientele including Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Yamaha, Lucas Art and Reebok. Our team also consists of individuals who are professionals in their respective industries, but also have great experience in leading and teaching in both a structured and open environment. The vast knowledge and combination of processes allow for us to help nurture, grow and collaborate with prospective students for what they aim to achieve. Whether you have aspirations for post-secondary education or starting your career and working with reputable brands, we will provide the foundation, support and tools necessary for you to succeed. 



Art is how we decorate space. The space is a blank canvas that can be a dash of minimalist qualities, or a combination of extravagant colours. Ideenhaus is a space that allows artists to think freely, act freely, but most importantly to work freely. Our open-studio environment provides the luxuries of amenities including a lounge area and cafe bar, yet is structured enough to provide the framework for hard work, passion and motivation. Our flexible studio schedule allows you to choose the time and day that may best work for you, without feeling the burden or stress of a traditional art class environment.