Straying away from the traditional art institute or academic studio, Ideenhaus values the foundation of belief, passion and aspirations for growth in a diverse learning environment. Whether you are curious about the different types of art careers in the industry, or you have a set goal you are working towards, Ideenhaus provides the support and guidance through our expertise in the industry. Rest assured, the touch-points between the openness of the studio and the extensive experience and knowledge regarding applications towards renown institutes, colleges and careers creates a place where you get to think freely and make the decisions that will help to strengthen your personal development. 


Foundation Class


This program is intended to raise curiosity and diversify interest in art by directly exposing the students to various industry insights and trends through workshops and guest speakers.

In this program, students will be presented with daily themes and activities, and the instructors will organically guide them to venture out and explore different areas of interests.

By monitoring the students daily, instructors will identify their strengths and tendencies to better guide them towards the right direction.

The underlying theme of this program is to showcase the realm of possibilities in art. Our instructor team acting as a prism of sort to provide a wider spectrum and view into the diverse art industry.

Students who have not decided on their field of studies due to the lack of information or experience. 

Younger students trying to explore different areas of art.



Pre-College Class


The advanced program deals with higher learning with customized plans for individual students designed to strategically target specific areas of study or interest.

The enrollment process requires portfolio reviews and verbal interviews to identify and assess the area of interest and skill levels.

The students will have to think about career paths, school options, and requirements and processes for admissions to specific schools, with the guidance and support from our team. (Note: many art schools and design institutes have different requirements for portfolios for admission.)

In addition to daily workshops, one of the most important part of our training comes from ‘critsʼ, which are occasional open critique sessions where students and the instructors discuss and explore their work. We strongly believe this will open doors for a profound and engaging learning experience while learning to face the constructive criticism and comments that fuel the advancement into the reality of the industry.

Students will learn to defend, adapt and learn from various feedback, while being empowered to do so. Also, good verbal presentation skills are paramount in the design and art industry, and this class will further enhance those abilities. 


Older students with specific fields in mind, or adults looking to advance their skills for career opportunities.

Portfolio review is mandatory.
Students must recognize their own fields of interest.


Intensive Portfolio Workshop


This short term, intensive program offers more of a personalized one to one approach, fully customized and optimized to produce outstanding feedback, results and growth. 

This intensive program is catered to the processes and requirements for admissions into specific art institutes and colleges. Portfolio design and curation will be heavily focused and the quality of work will be the foundation in which we prepare students for advancement.

The duration of the program varies, and the program can be further customized in junction with the Pre-College Class program.